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Friday, 15 June 2012

Penguin English Library

Penguin English Library - image from google
I don't know whether you've heard about this yet but Penguin have just released an English Library collection of books - a capsule collection of 100 of the best English fiction published since 1800, with a particular emphasis on Hardy and Dickens. The covers are very pretty, my favourites being Lady Audley's Secret and Great Expectations, and would look great on a bookcase. I really want to collect them, a book a week, but just know that once I start I won't be able to stop until I have all 100. That might be somewhat hard on the bank balance, at £5.30 a pop - perfectly affordable, but all 100? £530. I could get a Mulberry bag for that, and that's another thing I've been lusting after for the last few days but know I can never have, not until I've got a proper job!

The last two weeks of work experience have made me realise what I want to do - not marketing, but journalism and writing. Each day, I've been set a 1500 word article on a particular topic and it's been absolute bliss: cups of tea, coffee, slices of rocky road, comfortable chairs, beautiful view of the sodden English countryside, not to mention the most gorgeous puppy I have ever seen, who looks just like a (very) oversized teddy bear!

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