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Monday, 16 April 2012

Chocolate tiffin bars

This gorgeous recipe is another one borrowed. I babysit for a lovely family just up the road and made this with the kids - it was jotted down on a piece of notepaper and was their grandmother's recipe. It is really easy to make and perfect to pop in the treat tin for when guests arrive. However, as typical me, I have since lost the recipe. The amonts of each ingredient are rough estimations and if you do want to try this, feel free to add more or less of anything as you think fit.
 I scrunched some digestive biscuits - about half of a big pack - and blitzed in the Kenwood mixer until it has the texture of rough sand. I then melted a generous slice of butter in the microwave, added an awful lot of golden syrup - about six tablespoons - and three tablespoons Cadburys hot chocolate powder. Adding this to the biscuits, I then tipped in a handful of dark plump raisins and roughly chopped pecans.

In the meantime, I put a pan of water onto the heat and in a glass bowl, making sure the bottom did not touch the water, melted the milk chocolate in one bowl, occasionally swapping the bowl of milk chocolate with the bowl of white chocolate and so on until they are both melted. I then pressed the biscuits into a lined largish brownie tin and poured over the melted milk chocolate. I added dollops of the white chocolate and spread it with a spatula to add a pretty marbled finish - this bit is a little tricky to make sure the white chocolate doesn't simply disappear into the milk chocolate.

Pop in the fridge for a few hours or overnight and once set, it should come out with a gentle tap. Slice on a chopping board into small squares, arrange in a tin lined with a piece of kitchen paper and enjoy!

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